This procrastination free pomodoro-like timer couldn't function without various assets: images, photos, sounds, music, artwork. We tried hard to use only those assets which licenses generally allowed us to use them without any restrictions, including modifications and use for commercial purposes. Some of the authors of these assets are credited on this page, thank you, guys!

However, due to nature of Internet and due to the fact that these assets were found on various 3rd party web resources, it is possible that the timer is using YOUR artwork by accident without your personal consent. If so, please let us know if you want to be mentioned on this page or if you don't allow us to use this asset (in such case please attach some legal document or other evidence so we would know that this is your asset), we will remove it as soon as possible. Just one thing to mentioned: this is not a commercial product, the only intention was to create a free timer to help people to fight against procrastination.